To offer a customised development (design, manufacture, provision and installation) of products based on metal transformation, mainly the steel, with the purpose of satisfying the necessities of storage, transportation and handling materials, conditioned air, industrial ventilation and structural elements, of signalling, protection, decoration or any other for a specific intention of our clients.

To look for, over everything, the satisfaction of our clients, by means of products and associated services we provide, as well as of all our employees and collaborators by means of its well-being, personal and professional development.

To generate profitability that make the organisation attractive for the stock holders, with the purpose of technologically updating our processes and permanently innovating our products, respecting, always, the social laws, codes and the environment, framed all this within the policies, values and organisation's objectives.

To be preferred in the metallic products market we participate, due to the recognition of our brand, associated to the quality of our products and processes, capacity, diligence and professionalism of our employees, opportunity and customisation of our services, all this together with reasonable costs of our proposals

To fulfil with the expectations and necessities of our clients, with base in personnel enabled and experienced and by means of the customisation of our products and planning of each project.

We understand by Rightness the quality of the people, in which, their actions agree with the legal and moral marks of the environment in which they are developed. In this way, our employees share the idea we always must do all the things in a correct and transparent way, in agreement with the Organisation values and paying no attention to economic or any other temptations that can lead the employee against their own moral or the company's.

We understand by honesty the virtue of the people to put the truth in front of all their thoughts and actions. Following this, all the people who work for our organisation, are recognised because they always express themselves sincerely towards the rest of employees and the Clients, being consequent these thoughts and words with which they do inside and outside the Company's facilities.

Each one of the people who work for our Organisation, has a high sense of commitment and a necessity to be responsible for everything what it has been entrusted him. By this, the fulfilment becomes a critical variable in all our processes. That is the reason why we try, as it is possible, to follow the timetables proposed for each one of our activities.

All the people who work for our Organisation, feel like part of a family. From this point of view, the employees are very sensible about those things that happen to the company as well as to those things that the Company does for them. Each one of our collaborators feels like part of a group, with goals, duties and rights they fulfil and respect.

All the people who work for our organisation understand the each one's work depends on all the other's work. By this, we based all our activities in the collaboration between all the involved people, added to the attitude of service and help of our employees. The other's ideas and opinions are listened to, with respect and tolerance and with the purpose of sharing different points of view and to find the best solutions to the problems we faced day by day. We added to this the maintenance of a good work's atmosphere and good relations between all those who work for the Company and with our Clients.

The Management like each one of our Company Departments firmly believes in the creation and maintenance of a continuing learning culture, within the Organisation collaborators, like a way to positively evolve, to grow and to improve in our products and services. By this, we try to take advantage of our employees experience and we leaned in private and social service organisations to train our personnel in the areas and the subjects they need, looking for its professional growth and its personal development.

The main and final objective of our Organisation is to obtain a complete satisfaction of the Client by our products and services. For this, we verify everything the Client receives, be agreed with his requirements and necessities, and mainly, be useful and let him to reach his objectives. As the Client allows it, we always try to advise him the most, using our experience and knowledge of the subjects, in order that the Client always receives the best products and services within an acceptable benefit cost ratio. We always try to become a part of the work team of our Client, with the purpose of being his ally in reaching his aims.

The Company altogether has an attitude of responsibility in all the projects it undertakes. By this, each one of his members feels totally involved with each one of the works that are made and with each one of the activities that are planned and programmed. Additionally, all the employees are committed with the Quality Systems of the Company and, by this reason, they participate and act with diligence, availability, great care, respect and responsibility in the carried out Organisation programs.

The Organisation is committed in increasing the efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness of all its processes. By this, we always look for the points in which we can improve the use of our resources, getting the same or better results, from the financial, social, environmental and products quality points of view. All the members of our Organisation are committed with this task because they understand this is the only way to become more competitive toward the future. In this way, we try to reduce the possible mistakes we can do, and by the time there are mistakes, we immediately look for their causes and make the necessary corrective and preventive actions to avoid doing them again.

The Organisation is committed in increasing the efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness of all its processes. By this, we always look for the best productivity in each of our activities, having in mind the idea of getting profitability levels in accordance with the effort done. All the members of our Organisation know it is necessary to reach good financial results with the purpose of being able to repay part of them to the employees and the same Company. In consequence we optimised the use of the raw material, manual labour and consumable materials, diminishing to the most, the time necessary to fulfil our objectives.

We are conscious that the Company is our employees second home. For this reason we work hard in maintaining a good work atmosphere and good relations between all those who work and collaborate with our Organisation. For this, we based all our activities on the principles of Classification, Order, Cleaning, Health and Commitment that allow us to take a better advantage of the available resources of time and space, to diminish physical and mental fatigue, to improve the personal well-being, to prevent accidents and diseases and in general, to improve the coexistence within the Company facilities.


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