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Metallic Mezzanines allow multiplying the warehouse by two or three times, with the purpose of taking advantage of the height and de cubic space of the same one. With this system it is possible to use this capacity like work areas, offices, storage areas, etc. Due to their metallic and modular design, that avoids the civil work use, Metallic Mezzanines have a fast and easy installation, with the possibility of being dismantled and completely reinstalled in another location, recovering all the constituent elements and being able, if it is the case, to modify his distribution.It is possible to complement them with elevating platforms facilitating the tasks of raising and lowering products among the different levels. Depending on the characteristics of the installation area and the design of the Mezzanine, handrails of security are installed in the ends and one or several access stairs among the different levels. According to its future use and the loads it is going to support, wood, steel, steel deck or metallic grid floors can be installed.


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