Metallic Racks

Stackin Racks and Metallic Pallets
Dock Levellers
Metallic Enclosures
Internal Transportation of Merchandise
Repair, Adaptation and Relocation

Single Deep Selective Metallic Racks are designed for products with a large variety of SKU´s and adaptable for any type of load handled on pallets or decks, with direct and selective access, facilitating therefore the inventory control. It facilitates the inventory control since each product has an own location and it becomes the ideal alternative for the storage, classification and ordering of all type of merchandise. It can be adapted to any size or weight of products. It can be used for picking systems or to be used with pallet systems. When it is used for storaging pallets, it is designed to store two pallets by level.
Its main advantage is the direct and individual access to each product, being able, each one of these, to be removed without moving the others. In addition, of inverse form, it allows an easy and fast positioning of the SKU´s.
Its main disadvantage is the amount of space needed to the aisles (typically between 50% and 60% of the area available for the storage of the merchandise).





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