Metallic Racks

Stackin Racks and Metallic Pallets
Dock Levellers
Metallic Enclosures
Internal Transportation of Merchandise
Repair, Adaptation and Relocation

Cantilever Racks are designed to store long and/or voluminous loads in non-uniform sizes, which are usually loaded by a side instead of being loaded by an end. Ideal for wood warehouses, post formed, tubes and profiles, metallic carpentry wood, PVC, aluminium and metallic, electricity, plumbing and heating and gas companies, installers of ceilings, curtains, etc. One obtains to a perfect classification obtaining itself excellent results of exhibition, sale and rotation of product, reducing costs of manipulation and agility in the preparation of orders, obtaining, in addition, the disappearance of product "died" corners. They can be simple or double, depending on its location in the storage area (in the ends or the central part, respectively).lmacenes de maderas, posformados, tubos y perfiles,


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