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Internal Transportation of Merchandise
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Drive-in and Drive-through systems of Metallic Racks are designed for a rigorous control of inventory entrances and exits. It is the ideal solution to store, in a compact and efficient way, great amounts of homogenous products, whose rotation or direct access are not determining factors and usually when a minimum of eight or twelve pallets by SKU. The typical arrangements of this type of Rack Systems are from five to ten pallets in depth and form three to five pallets in height.
The Drive-in System is specially designed for inventories controlled by LIFO (Last in, First out) method.
The Drive-through System is specially designed inventories controlled by FIFO (First in, First out) method.
Its main advantage is the efficient use of the space available for the storage of the merchandise (60% to 80%), since the "aisles" also become storage spaces.
Its main disadvantage is focused in the very low speed of storaging and picking products. This due to the so small tolerances they exist in the tunnels. Nevertheless this speed can be increased with the use of guides on the floor, that does not allow the lift truck turns aside of his direction. Another disadvantage is the inventory handling, which must be very programmed to let the system of storage and rotation of SKU´s and products be the most efficient possible.


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